Our Trainers

Meet our trainers.

Chris is nationally known for her Border Collie training and competing in Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Conformation, and Herding. Her passion is behavioral modification and those difficult dogs and handlers that are having miscommunications.

Chris has produced Champion dogs in everything listed above. She has over 25 years’ experience in dog training and been a member of various local Dog organizations throughout the years. Chris has a variety of Certificates of Completion through various well know trainers. She takes great joy in working with the dogs and teaching the owners how to communicate with their dog. She has spent several years teaching group classes with a local organization and has now included in home advanced training and behavioral modification. She is also certified through AKC to teach classes and test for all the CGC class groups to include, CGCA Community Canine, CGC Urban, and Trick Dog. She also does classes and testing for Public Access.

All others such as basic obedience, Star Puppy or CGC you will have to work with our other trainers. Chris is presently under a contract for these classes and tests.

Elizabeth has worked for over 10 years in training service dogs. She has working in over 15 years in training for obedience and pet dog training. She has recently been working with dogs with fear issues and other behavoiral issues. She has completed serveral different certificate programs for behaviorist, service dog, and various obedience and behavior training classes. She has also competed in obedience, rally, and herding with her border collies. Her passion is working with puppies and younger dogs to to help prevent future behavioral problems.

All our trainers believe in education and are certified, trained and have experience in many aspects of dog training. Yes, in the U.S.A. there is no mandated certification. But we believe you never stop learning and we are always taking additional educational classes so that we can learn any new tricks of the trade. Dog training is always changing, there are fads, gimics, and then just new science based training techniques from people in the trade that have been doing it much longer than we have.

Dogs can be trained in multiple disciplines using a range of positive training methods, including clicker training, food-based training and the praise-reward method. Then there are other methods that with some dogs can produce positive results but when used wrong it can damage the bond between owner and dog. These methods include prong collars and shock collars, these should only be last resorts and only on a limited number of dogs. These should only be short term and when all other options have been exhausted. Puppies, elderly dogs or rescues that have not bonded with their owners are a few example of were prong collars and shock collars should never be used. Service dogs should also never be put in prong collar or shock collar, this can create insecurities and confuse the dog so that it could take it out on the general puplic. Remember no matter what this dog is a weapon and if not properly socialized it can become very dangerouse. But our goal is to make it fun for you and your dog so that bad things will hopefuly never happen.


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